Game of Thrones: A Season in Review

WARNING! The following contains major SPOILERS from Game of Thrones Season 5. Read at your own discretion.

Following last year’s outstanding season, Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had a hard act to follow. Season 4 contained some of the most memorable moments in the show’s history… The Purple Wedding, The Battle at the Wall, The Mountain and the Viper, Tyrion’s big “f**k off!” moment at his trial, Brienne and the Hound, and many more. Of course season 5 did not surpass its predecessor in overall excitement, however it delivered some of the best writing and directing on the show thus far.

The dialogue between the character felt much more natural, which in turn lead to better acting. The Cinematography was beautiful and inventive, and the special effects have never looked better. I can go on and on about the improvements the producers have made in terms of quality, but I know you guys all want to read about the BIG events which transpired this season.

Daenerys’ story took a more interesting turn this season as she struggled to maintain control over the city of Meereen while being hunted at every turn by the vicious band of assassins known as the Sons of the Harpy.

Tyrion, as always, explores more of the world than any other character on the show. He is kidnapped by Ser Jorah Mormont, attacked by Stone Men in Old Valyria, and sold into Slavery to fight in Meereen’s fighting pits all before finally ending up in front of Daenerys.

4We saw an awesome sequence in the fighting pits in which the Sons of the Harpy are just about to close in on Dany, Tyrion and their confidants before Drogon makes his triumphant return to rescue Dany, cook some fools and fly off North with his Queen.

Unfortunately Dany then wanders off and is captured by a Dothraki hoard, prompting Tyrion and Grey Worm to take charge of the city of Meereen while at Daario Nahaaris and Ser Jorah set off on a quest to find her.

Sansa has a pretty tragic storyline in which she returns to Winterfell and is married to Ramsay Bolton, and then raped every night. Theon “Reek” finally comes to his senses and rescues Sansa. The two escape Winterfell together.

Arya spends most of the season training to be a faceless assassin, however she puts the cart in front of the horse and assassinates Ser Meryn Trant (a Kingsguard on her List), causing her to be blinded in a really weird psychedelic scene.

Jaime and Bronn go on a pretty boring mission to Dorne in which they get back Princess Myrcella, unfortunately she dies anyway.

Cersei f**ks up and then has to walk through the streets of Kings Landing naked.

Brienne finally gets her revenge and slays Stannis Baratheon.

Bran and Hodor unfortunately do not make an appearance this season. However I can guess how their dialogue might have transpired.

776466_510_promo_frames_16_00170187[1].jpgJon’s story also takes a more interesting turn as he is elected Lord Commander of the Night’s watch. For the first time since season one we see Jon playing the “Game” in a way. Faced with the impending doom of the White Walkers, Jon forms an alliance between the men of the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings. Jon’s greatest weakness however is that he has the honor of his father which as Stannis Baratheon puts it, “Honor got your father killed.” In the final scene of the season we see Jon endure the same fate as his father in which he is betrayed by his own men, stabbed in the belly repeatedly and left to die in the snow. Perhaps the most tragic death in the series thus far.

Although, there are many theories supporting the resurrection of Jon Snow. I might point out that Melisandre is currently at the Wall, and as we have seen, Red Priests/Priestesses can sometimes raise people from the dead.

If I may quote Samwell Tarley, “I’ve been worrying about Jon for years. But he always comes back.”

Though in any case, it was still a brutal sight to behold one of the shows truest Heroes butchered.

A tough end to a tough season. While a tad slow at times, this season of Thrones still manages to maintain the overarching themes of the show while focusing heavily on the end game.

One thing to make note of is the fact that the show has officially caught up with the books, so no one has any idea where things will go from here.

I think we can expect more Dragons, more White Walkers and of course, more death. We are reaching the end of the series and as we already know…

Valar Morghulis.


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